Yes, it was a Feltching Session gone terribly wrong in so many ways but the nurses cleaned KiKi for 12 hours by dipping

him in Pine-sol Cleaner and although he still has remnants of toweling that we dried him in repeatedly, he's probably

glad we got him out of there! It still amazes me that 12 and 13 year old kids will dare and double dare other kids to do

the craziest things and they actually do them! The child whose rectum this rodent was "caught" in suffered lacerations

and abrasions to the lower intestinal wall and rectum area. The child, 12 years old, was 5 foot three inches and weighed

105 pounds. He has no prior medical history and was in all accounts a normal healthy kid. Parents need to keep better watch

on their children. The insertion of this rodent came to light for the parents to finally figure out something was wrong when

the child was complaining of cramps, was sweating profusely and was nauseated. Upon only 20 minutes passed between the

time that the parents called 911 and emergency brought the child in. Immediately I told the nurses to remove the Childs

clothes and put a gown on him. Any and all movements to his lower quadrants were painful enough for him to moan.


He had a slightly distended abdomen and nothing else remarkable on the front side. Upon examination of the back, and I

assure you this is a first for me seeing anything like this; you hear about it in school but it's brushed off as an Urban Legend.

 I witnessed a "tail" protruding from the buttocks of this 12 year old Child! It was wiggling about violently too. This was

most alarming and I have seen some extremely gross and bizarre things in my life, things that would make lesser men

puke for the next coming month, but this is the first time in my entire career of 35 years that I wanted to vomit from not only

the sight of it but the thought of it over the following months as well. The whole time I was trying to grab this animal

with various sizes of forceps I thought for a moment and had one of those proud father moments with the thought of

"At least the worst thing my kid ever did to himself was to lick a frozen padlock with hopes of getting the dial to free up".

Finally the rodent was free and didn't appear to be hurt. The child was not so lucky. The child looked like he was improving

after we stitched up the anus and surrounding tissues. No one seemed to think (or care) that the rodents claws could and

would cut through flesh with ease and the extraction made the animal quite agitated.


 The Child started running a fever of 104 and upon examination and a full blood panel we found that MRSA set in.

Trying to fight this infection proved to be quite a process but in end we had to do a full colostomy as too much

diseased tissue got damaged from the rodent and then the MRSA.


If I practice for another 20 years, I pray I never see anything like this childs pet of which he calls Kiki and apparently after

 some radio talk show hosts aired a show about feltching with a victim by the name of Kiki and the kids found this show

online of course and it got out of hand from there.


Dr. Larry Gooseman M.D.  June 12, 1997

ER-Attending Physician

Riverton Memorial Hospital

Riverton Wyoming